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  • About Martingate

    This really old betting strategy was popular in 18th century in France. Through the ages there are many modification and improvement to reduce risk. This strategy is still powerfull but you have to follow strict rulles to reduce risk to minimum. For humans it is the hardest thing to admit some losses and stop them before they lose so much money.  

    Betting strategy

    In basic this strategy is really simple. 
    Consider betting only on Red and Black numbers. Choose only one of them and bet your initial amount of the money. 

     Start betting with initial value 1$ to Red. 
    -If you win lets start again with initial value to same color. 
    -If you lose lets bet double at same color. 2$
    -If you lose agail bet double than in previous round. 4$
    In any case you win let start again with the initial value. 

    Imagine this series. 
    bet 1$ fail      -1$
    bet 2$ fail      -3$ total
    bet 4$ fail      -7$ total 
    bet 8$ win      +1$ in total

    This is dangerously great because in any case you lose you have your money back + 1$.


    •  Long fail series is more probable than you thought. It is very possible that you can encounter with 10 of more fail in the row. 

    1 2 4 8 16 32 64 128 256 512  = That means your total result is -1023$ total. 
    If you bet nex round double 1024 you have +1$ in total result. 
    if you lose again you are in deep trouble. 

    • Limits in many games you have maximal value of your bet. The first is  the amount of money you have available for the game. The second one are limits by the game rule as maximal amout value you can bet.  
    • If your limit is 50$. The number of fail round is reduced to 6 and after that you never back your money by this strategy. This is very dangerous factors. 


    Consider the simulation without the limits in game. 
    Start with 10 dollar tipical situation of good result. in 1000 round you end with 25 dollar. 
    Maybe is better get a job :) 

    Martingate simulation

    Roulette simulation martingate
    Another situation after 1000 rounds you lose about 5$.
    This simulation show many games in one graph. The blue simulation ends well. Your final amout of money ends in good numbers. The red simulation you lose your money. 

    Martingate simulation
    Positive turns in game. You can turn your game after few loses, but imagine the 10 fail in the row. In few rounds you end up with -1000$ and as you can see after 10000 rounds is more likely that you can win about 10 or 50 dolars. This is also without a limits for the max value of your bet. 

    Martingate simulation

    roulette Martingate simulation



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