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  • Opencv tutorial people detection
  • Head people cascade download
  • Opencv tutorial optical flow
  • Opencv Video stabilization
  • Opencv car dataset download
  • Opencv tutorial Transparent mask
  • Opencv videowriter
  • Opencv FFMPEG
  • Opencv Canny edge and hough lines
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    The Marr Prize

    The Marr Prize is a prestigious award in computer vision given by the committee of the international conference on Computer Vision. The prize is called after David Courtnay Marr (19 January 1945 – 17 November 1980). His research was focused in neuropsychology, psychology, artificial intelligence. He successfully integrate these topics into visual processing.

    It is considered as one of the top honors for computer vision scientist. Let me recapitulate the best of awarded papers.

    best of awarded papers 

    • 1987 Marr Prize Paper: David Heeger, Optical Flow using Spatiotemporal Filters

    • 1993 Charles A. Rothwell, David A. ForsythAndrew Zisserman, and Joseph L. Mundy, Extracting Projective Structure from Single Perspective Views of 3D Point Sets

    The Marr Prize 2015

    The winner of this year was announced at the International Conference on Computer Vision in Santiago de Chile. December 11-18 2015 iccv 2015 siteThe awarded paper is cooperative work of Microsoft Research (Cambridge UK), Carnegie Mellon University, Fondazione Bruno Kessler (Trento Italy).

    Deep Neural Decision Forests

    By P. Kontschieder, M. Fiterau, A. Criminisi, and S. Rota Bulo

    • The paper present Deep Neural Decision Forrest. Classification trees connected to functionality and behavior of deep convolutional neural networks.

    Available here Microsoft Research

    ICCV 2015 Tutorials


    There is few resources help you understand how to remove camera blur. Everybody has some failed photo. This course introduced technique that let you save your photos.
    There is some good presentation materials. removingmotion blur

    ICCV 2015 TUTORIAL The Art of solving Minimal Problems

    This is page of our school i guess. As a Main speakers are here Tomas Pajdla from CTU in Prague and Zutana Kukelova, From Microsoft Research Cambridge (CTU in Prague).
    There is lots of nice resources focus on minimal problem in various computer vision applications. minimal-iccv-2015

    ICCV 2015 TUTORIAL on Tools for Efficient Object Detection

    This discussed topics related to fast object detectors. Unfortunately, There are no materials in this tutorials publically available. You can go through the related topics and names of the Organizers.
    There are well known names like Rodrigo Benenson from Max Planck Institute and Piotr Dollar Facebook AI Research. Object Detection ICCV2015

    ICCV 2015 TUTORIAL The Mathematics Of Deep Learning

    There is some materials focus on optimal deep learning training, Scattering Convolutional Network, and stability of large Deep Networks.
    The materials are available under TENTATIVE SCHEDULE Here

    ICCV 2015 Workshops with good materials

    Describing and Understanding Video

    This is big challenge of today. Effective indexing and searching of video content. Link Here

    Object Understanding for Interaction

    There is lots of good materials related to Pose estimation, motion understanding, objects interactions, hand gesture recognition and more  Here.

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