Any idea for future opencv tutorials ? let me know


My favourite

  • Opencv tutorial people detection
  • Head people cascade download
  • Opencv tutorial optical flow
  • Opencv Video stabilization
  • Opencv car dataset download
  • Opencv tutorial Transparent mask
  • Opencv videowriter
  • Opencv FFMPEG
  • Opencv Canny edge and hough lines
  • Let me comment if you want some specific future Opencv tutorial.. 

    Future Opencv tutorials in progress

    I have prepared some ML tutorials.

    There is not to much complex tutorials like this on image samples.

    • Rtrees random trees methods in opencv 3.1
    • Boosting
    • SVM 
    • Testing of all cascades detect multiscales
    Remarks: If cascade.detectMultiscale faild in opencv. Return 2 much values in vector<Rect> try use release of your sample instead of debug.. Works for me and I dont know why.. 

    Also i would like to introduced

    • Some basic KLT tracking
    • KLT with feedback correction by NCC
    • Basic MeanShift and CamShift tracking method
    • Maybe some parts of Tracking learning detection method.. I will see. Maybe in many steps.
    Video editing
    •  Some drawing into video 
    • Games with face detection 

    Follow me and let me know if you want something soon 
    Thanks for comments and likes


    1. Hi, can you introduce how to select multiple region of interest in a video?

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