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My favourite

  • Opencv tutorial people detection
  • Head people cascade download
  • Opencv tutorial optical flow
  • Opencv Video stabilization
  • Opencv car dataset download
  • Opencv tutorial Transparent mask
  • Opencv videowriter
  • Opencv FFMPEG
  • Opencv Canny edge and hough lines

  • Median flow tracker code coming soon

    • Simple median flow tracker base od goodFeaturesToTrack
    •  calcOpticalFlowPyrLK
    • TODO complete forward backwards tracking and feature filtering. I already have forward, backwards LK tracker, without filtering (just prepared NORM computation).
    • TODO complete redetection. White rectangles are redetection with online learning by RTrees opencv 3.1 support. Rtrees work great. I only need better features. Do you have any advice or tips?
    • From the initial Rectangle is generated several positive examples and negatives from the rest of image. Rtrees learning and prediction can run very fast. I still haven't got a good features. Feature extracting took some time to. 
    • TODO Forward backward + redetection. 
    • 300 lines of code 
    Final result will be 

    TLD tracker

    I would like to release this in 4 next tutorials. 

    Forward backwards median flow tracker

    Rtrees learning ( new features ) and prediction with single scale detection sliding window

    Complete TLD tracker

    Slow Multi target TLD tracker

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    1. hey vystavil, is your code coming out soon? I'd be interested in maybe using it for my own project.



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