Opencv Multiple People Tracking. It is necessary to be perfect ?


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  • Multiple people tracking 

    Opencv tracking of multiple people example video and some ideas about the business behind.. 
    I would like to mention that this video is not related on my any curent business. This is just love to computer vision. 

    This short blog post should be about something else. 

    Multi target tracking

    Problem of computer vision business potencial

    • People point to any mistake of algorithm. Mistakes are visible. People dont care if the big data gives you huge statistics error. They are not able to count the milions line of something. 
    • They are able to count what they are really see on video. 
    Where is the point. Even the error is visible and sometines huge. This gives you better result than one man counting the people from the window all day long. 
    Are you able to track and monitor what every on screen doing and count targets and write the results somewhere. 


    Do not sell video. Sell the data

    This is important. Maybe the most important think. You are provide data about the day activity about the year activity what ever.  
    Not the person for one day counting of the trafic on the Prague town center crossing. 

    Video delivery or internet of things

    You have to solve the problem with stream video delivery to cloud as cheap as it posible. 

    There is one think. Internet of thinks. Maybe is better old aproach just manage the computer vision where the camera is located.. Computers are smaller and faster. The video delivery is problem.. You have to deal with so many problems. Insted of transfering just the data. 

    Benefits are that the people infront of the monitor just see your mistakes.

    Cost effective computer vision 

    There is maybe question what is effective. Process the video in cloud has also many advantages. Scales. Updates. Your algorithm is under control. You can handle what ever resolution. This is only issue of the cost of your solution. It is not necesary with some cameras to manage your own HW in that solution. 

    I have a lots of idea like that. I spent lots of time not only on algorithm itself. For example another huge topic is 

    Self configuration of computer vision algorithm

    Yes this one. Not a spend 3 hours or months to make perfect youtube video. There is no reason. 
    Algorithm should be somehow self configurating.  And it may not be perfect. Let the rest of the world accept error also in computer vision. 

    Have a nice evening and let me know. What do you think. 


    1. hello sir, can you share source code for people tracking at

    2. hello sir, can you share source code for people tracking at

    3. hello sir, please share code if you are willing to

    4. Can you share your code to ... Thank you.

    5. Hi, I'm a computer science student and I'm very interested in your work. Could you please send the code to my email ? Thank you very much.

    6. Hi I am student of digital forensic engineering Dept. it's associate to my thesis and i really need this source code my mail adress:

    7. Your work very interesting. I want to examine. Could you share source code? Thank youu

    8. Hi! I am a computer science student highly interesting in this work! I would be more than happy to look at the source code if you are willing to share it!



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