Car detection in opencv


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    This is one of the results achieved by the free dataset for car detection on my blog here.  I have a plan to provide some basic scripts and code samples how to learn the basic detector for opencv. This usually take some time to go through and describe all the parts. However the plan is to provide whole video for testing on google drive after some anonymization improvements in original video. Testing rof car counting, classification and trafic measurement.. This Video is not good for basic background substraction. I record this video by hand and is still little bit shaky.

    car detection

    3 more opencv tutorials plan

    • working with dataset positive and negative samples 
    Prepare data is half of the hard work if you want to build the good detector.. 
    • some basic learning algorithm from scratch. (should take a little bit more time)
    I already have some neural network. I would like to show you how easy is for implement using the opencv mat and basic and opencv math.. 
    • working with createsamples traincascade
    This is great tool, but took some time, effort and skills to achieve some good results.. I would like to show some of them.. 

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