Simple Install opencv Visual Studio 2017 by NUGET


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    Simple installation of opencv for Visual studio 2017 by image example. Easy and fast way to start coding in opencv by Nuget packages. If your plan is going to use cuda, or some advanced opencv settings. You should install opencv in different way. For example build your own libs according to HW you have available.. This will be my next tutorial.

    If you want to play and make a fun in Visual Studio 2017 this is tutorial for you. All mine tutorials for Opencv is now running just based on NUGET packages installation. For most common purpose is this installation just fine.

    OPENCV VISUAL STUDIO 2017 need vs141 libs version

    This doesn't make any sense to me Visual Studio 2012 was 110 lib version, 2013 was 113, Visual studio 2015 has VS140 lib version and now the big step forward. Visual studio 2017 you are finding DLL, libs etc compatible with VS141.. What a big step from previous visual studio :)

    Instal opencv under 1 minute 

    On nuget package side find nuget distribution. This will install library, DLL and header just into your project. Find the right NUGET for you on

    Find support VS141
    openCV for Windows

    I just try this nuget and It works fine for 86 version build in VS 2017.
    Install-Package -Pre
    x86/x64 builds for OpenCV 3.2 release for Visual Studio 2017

    Install Step by step

    • Create empty C++ project
    • Click on source file on Right and add new source.cpp file. 
    • Add source code. You will see unresolved dependencies and other staff. Just because your functions try to find where are they implemented.  

    opencv nuget visual studio 2017

    • Your Visual Studio 2017 needs NUGET packages extension installed. The installation of VS17 is more modular than before, but NUGET are most common extension. 
    • In tools - Nuget Packages Manager - open Package Manager Console
    • Write here simple Install-Package -Pre     OR any others you find 
    • On second picture you can see that Nuget is installed 

    Now, You can compile at least 86 build and released without any problem. I am tested just this packages. The next tutorial show how to build your own libraries.. See you


    1. Hey,

      tnx for this tutorial. I have a bit of problem with it. When I am trying to show an image, calling namedWindow & imshow, I get error on the runtime:

      Any suggestions what could be wrong?

      Best, Andrej Pangercic

    2. Thanks for this manual.
      When I add the OpenCV by Nuget package, my Intellisense of visual studio will be deactivated. Have you experienced such this problem?

      1. This comment has been removed by the author.

      2. Just opencv 2.4 by itseez.
        Opencv3 by itseez does not have this problem.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Thank you for this guide. Very comprehensive and informative. See also my blog

    5. Hi,compiles fine but when executing my program this error comes:"The code execution cannot proceed because zlid1.dll was not found." please help



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