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Facial landmark detection, Another Great results from Czech Republic

Facial landmark detector

Flandmark detection

This is another great result of Czech school of computer vision. Facial landmark detector was developed at Czech Technical University in Prague, Center for Machine Perception mainly by Michal Uřičák and Vojtěch Franc. 
They are both work for Eydea on commertial products if I remember correctly.

This is me on the video using opencv 3 under Visual Studio 2015 with Clandmark Lib. I have no use in mine products but its pretty cool playing with this in free time. This is great cross platform lib for Iphone Android Applications and also for Windows 10 Universal Apps.

Look at a video at the original project page. I experimented a bit with floating point precision in a solver. And the results are a little bit worse. :)

Here is links to Original web page of the projects with broader description.


Flandmark is an open source C library (with interface to MATLAB) implementing a facial landmark detector in static images.


CLandmark is an open-source facial landmark lib. Written in C++. The next great generation of Flandmark.
References are taken from both projects site.

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[2] M. Uricar, V. Franc and V. Hlavac, Detector of Facial Landmarks Learned by the Structured Output SVM, VISAPP '12: Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Computer Vision Theory and Applications, 2012. Received Best Paper Award 

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