Opencv 3.1 Visual Studio 2015 support

Opencv 3.1 Visual studio 2015

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Opencv 3.1 Visual Studio 2015

Opencv 3.1 just released with prebuild VC14 libs for Visual Studio 2015. Installation is easy and you can follow standard tutorials on

Quick start with Visual Studio 2015 Opencv 3.1

This process is exatly same as in other version with prebuild libs. 

Install opencv 3.1 in visual studio

Shortened procedure summary
  1. Download opencv 3.1 for windows
  2. extract to folder like c:/opencv
  3. Set enviroment varibales by setx -m
This depends on your path
setx -m OPENCV_DIR C:\opencv\build\x64\vc14
     4. In Path editor just set 

This is important steps. If you include Opencv project without this Project in visual studio failed because the project can not find DLL library. 

 Set project in Visual Studio 2015

Just create your new opencv project in Visual Studio 2015 and follow this steps. 

  1. Under Project setting C/C++/General set Additional Include Directories and Additional #using Directories. For example C:\opencv\build\include
  2. Under Linker/general set Additional library directories you can use your system path set in installation process or simple include this path for 64 bit versin for example C:\opencv\build\x64\vc14\lib
  3. Under Linker/Input set Additional Dependencies as opencv_world310.lib, opencv_world310d.lib

Opencv 3.1 prebuild libs 

This  opencv 3.1 comes with many version. This is a list of released parts here Github Source

Prebuild framework for android development 


 for Windows development and Visual Studio 2015 support.

for iOS and Mac development prebuild framework

Opencv source code

Also there is a source code released of 3.1 opencv which is mainly for Linux and Arm development with many improvements in NEON arm platform. 

Important from Opencv 3.1 change logs

Taken from ChangeLog
  • The iOS framework (opencv2.framework) can now be configured to include both opencv and opencv_contrib functionality.
  • more efficient camera support on Android 5+
  • faster round() on ARM (it’s also applicable to iOS); big thanks to Manuele Tamburano and Stefano Fabri for this!
  • OpenCV 3.1 supports fresh OSes from Microsoft and Apple, as well as the newest development tools (VS2015 and Xcode 7, respectively).
  • IPPICV (a specially-for-opencv free-of-charge subset of IPP ( that has been kindly provided by Intel Corporation) is now based on IPP 9.0.1, which should make OpenCV even faster on modern Intel chips.
  • There are multiple new features in the OpenCL layer, resulted from our collaboration with Intel Corporation
  • Improved/extended interoperability with DirectX 9, 10, 11

Selected contributed functionality of Opencv 3.1

  • 3x faster SimpleFlow – optflow 
  • Improved performance of haartraining 
  • Unscented Kalman Filter 
  • Efficient Graph-based image segmentation algorithm

Selected Improvements in Opencv 3.1 contrib modules

  • Improved Deformable Part-based Models – opencv_contrib/dpm
  • Real-time Multi-object Tracking using Kernelized Correlation Filter – opencv_contrib/tracking
  • Implementation of universal interface for deep neural network frameworks – opencv_contrib/dnn
  • Improved ICF detector, waldboost implementation – opencv_contrib/xobjdetect
  • Multi-target TLD tracking – opencv_contrib/tracking


  1. Hello.. I had a problem with debug mode.
    I followed this tutorial and also tried this tutorial:

    But older one doesn't work at all for OpenCV 3.1, and if I followed this one, during debug mode I get this error:

    Can you help me please?

    1. Ahoj, tady zalezi na hodne vecech. Me to funguje.. Osobne uz jsem opencv pres rok nekompiloval ani neinstaloval. Uz si s tim jen hraju.. Vyzkousel NUGET PACKAGES. Popsal jsem to tady Obecne staci najit ve visual studiu package nuget konzoli a dat tam jmeno balicku. Problem klasicke instalace je v nastaveni environmental variables. Navic se to muze zadrhnout na hodne vecech.. Treba haar kaskady, detectmultiscale atd. funguji v release ale ne v debug v hodne pripadech opencv..
      Opencv Default Build 3.1.0

      PM> Install-Package opencvdefault

  2. I also have problem with it.
    I all followed the instructions here.
    But it has still errors.

    1. Try nugets packages in Visual studio 2015. Best options for less skilled people.. Install under 2 minutes on any project.

  3. Try nugets packages in Visual studio 2015. Best options for less skilled people.. Install under 2 minutes on any project. Works. I am using only this approach right now. All my staff works without aby problems and setting projects again and again.


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