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Opencv tracking example

Median flow tracker code coming soon Simple median flow tracker base od goodFeaturesToTrack  calcOpticalFlowPyrLK TODO complete forward backwards tracking and feature filtering. I already have forward, backwards LK tracker, without filtering (just prepared NORM computation). TODO complete redetection. White rectangles are redetection with online learning by RTrees opencv 3.1 support. Rtrees work great. I only need better features . Do you have any advice or tips? From the initial Rectangle is generated several positive examples and negatives from the rest of image. Rtrees learning and prediction can run very fast. I still haven't got a good features. Feature extracting took some time to.  TODO Forward backward + redetection.  300 lines of code  Final result will be  TLD tracker I would like to release this in 4 next tutorials.  Forward backwards median flow tracker Rtrees learning ( new features ) and prediction with single scale detection sliding w

Alchemy API - Vision Testing

Testing Alchemy Vision is powerful computer vision API that provide advance image understanding for business to make a better decisions. Alchemy Vision extract text from images, recognize some brands and put them in the content. This deep learning Watson based technology is great for social media monitoring, analysis and target ads for example on Stratigram. Some of the result on Alchemy Vision outperform other products in this category. Cloud based computer vision with advanced image analysis  is available through Rest API that anyone can create application with this capabilities on Mobile phone s, tablets and personal computers . Target segment is Brand monitoring on social media Organization of images Customer suggestions  Profile markets Look at the results I am testing a lots of products like this. The Alchemy is the most advanced with better results than others products like this. AlchemyAPI is part of Watson cloud. Brand and l

Science and computer vision journals, conferences and sources

Science Journals in general I think that, if you have something published in IEEE . You are the really good one. I have. It is not in computer vision, but IEEE transaction and automatic control. If you choose IEEE  series, it is something like a guarantee of quality in engineering. Pls. Do not pay for the impact factor. The people who want access to resources of good information have to pay for them. If you pay to be published somewhere. Sorry, Your work is not good enough or You do not have the nerves to the admissions process . There is one exception. You can pay for public access to your journal paper in some cases. Personally, I think that only 10 percent of this articles and science papers are valuable more than Starbucks coffee. Maybe less than. The really good one research progress are almost publically available or behind closed doors of big company. The best from the good ones go to public. They do not afraid of their good work. They want to attract sponsors an

Fast Opencv people pedestrian detection Tutorial by CascadeClassifier

Simple Opencv C++ tutorial and example of people detection in video samples and pictures. There is nothing you cannot achieve in few simple steps. People detection and performace tasks in opencv could be solved if you have little bit knowledge of programing. Or just simple follow the steps..  Opencv tutorial instalation of opencv You can simple prepare the project inside the Visual Studio 2015 by Nuget Packages. This approach is easy for beginers and better than standard installation with all the environmental variables problems. Just follow the installation steps inside here  Opencv is great and complex tools. There is lot of image processing and also machine learning features. You can simply learn your own detector. I would like to prepare some tutorial how to learn your own detector. It is long time run.  All, you need to do, is some experience and basic opencv tools.  under opencv/build/x64/vc14/bin opencv_createsamples.exe opencv_trainc

Opencv 3.1 people detection by CascadeClassifier

People detection by Cascade Classifier Opencv The comparison of Opencv Cascade for people detections. Default opencv cascades are good one. You can simply achive better result but you need to collect the training data. On my blog you can find the datasets for car detection. There is more than 2000 positives car samples available for you and test to learn your own detector..  Here in this article, I just want to show my cascade compare to cascade which are default in opencv.  LBP cascade for people detection Also I recently publish LBP cascade for people detection. You can download 12 stage LBP cascade  LBP cascade for download . There is couple or maybe more than 3 tutorials how to use detect multiscale in opencv. Just download the LBP cascade and enjoy coding in Opencv.. Haar Cascade Classifier for People detection In this short tutorial, I would like to test some standard haar cascade in opencv 3.1.  My first note is where you can find this cascades. When