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Easy Opencv 3.1, opencv 2.4.13 instalation Visual Studio 2015 NUGET

Opencv Simple instalation. Easy Opencv instalation  for Visual Studio 2015 C++ project by NUGET packages. Your opencv is ready to use under 2 minutes after you find the package console.   From Opencv 3.0 Cmake to Opencv 3.1 prebuild Libs I wrote about opencv instalation since the release of version 3 and Visual Studio 2015.. In early build of opencv 3.0 there is no precompiled library for VS2015 and I wrote about instalation using CMAKE here  . This is still usefull when you need non standard capabilities. You can manage build process and target specific functions and properties. Opencv version 3.1 was shipped with prebuild libs for Visual studio 2015 and everithing is much more simple.. Instation and basic setup is discussed in tutorial  here  . Install Opencv, Visual studio 2015 with NUGET The most simple way without setting the global enviromental variables and staff like location of headers and libs is use the NUGET packages..  You can install in nuget packag