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Denoising opencv image in C++, Video is the same. Image in the loop.

The Opencv library has build-in powerful denoising algorithm based on the non-local means. The method is based on the theory published in an article by Antoni Buades, Bartomu Coll, Jean-Michel Morel  here . The algorithm is relatively simple, but not so easy to implement. Basically, one single pixel is replaced by the average of the colors of the area around the most similar pixel. Let say we want to replace pixel and algorithm finding the replacement in some window. It finds the most similar replacement and additionally takes a smaller window over that most similar replacement and calculates mean value over that.  If we have first window of some size and second the smaller just one pixel. We probably replace the original one with the most simular. If the most simular one is the noise. It will be noise. This is a great method for calculating the output image from the sequence of inputs image to achieve better results. Video result is also impressive.. Check the results and

Noise Reduction in Iphone SE slow motion, Denoising and image stabilization Added..

FastMeansDenoisingColoredMulti VS just DenoisingColored in Opencv with image stabilization video example C++ tutorial and code is here

Opencv video and image noise reduction. Smart denoising of Iphone SE slow motion video.

Smart noise reduction (denoise) Iphone SE video  C++ tutorial and code is here I expect that i finish this tutorial until the end of this weak. This is what you can expect. Check my youtube video down on page. Opencv has awesome posibilities to remove noise in smart way. Much better results than dummy filters and blur methods..       Subscribe my youtube channel  link thanks !                  

Opencv Multiple People Tracking. It is necessary to be perfect ?

Multiple people tracking  Opencv tracking of multiple people example video and some ideas about the business behind..  I would like to mention that this video is not related on my any curent business. This is just love to computer vision.  This short blog post should be about something else.  Problem of computer vision business potencial People point to any mistake of algorithm. Mistakes are visible. People dont care if the big data gives you huge statistics error. They are not able to count the milions line of something.  They are able to count what they are really see on video.  Where is the point. Even the error is visible and sometines huge. This gives you better result than one man counting the people from the window all day long.  Are you able to track and monitor what every on screen doing and count targets and write the results somewhere.  No Do not sell video. Sell the data This is important. Maybe the most important think. You are prov

Just completed video example of CAR detection in opencv

Tutorial comming soon. Hopefully 

OPENCV RGB Colors tutorial, color channel intensity given by slider

Opencv Tutorial colors channels Opencv C++ simple tutorial about the colors and color channels. There is couple of tricks you can play with in Opencv. It is fun and easy to use to achieve color mixing and gain the channel by for example slide bar.. Enjoy the coding..  Opencv installation in Visual Studio 2015 You can simple prepare the project inside the Visual Studio 2015 by Nuget Packages. This approach is easy for beginers and better than standard installation with all the environmental variables problems. Just follow the installation steps inside here  Opencv colors introduction I always forget what is the right order of colors in the opencv. The purpose of this short tutorial is different. It is not necessary to know if the blue rectangle in RGB should be defined like [255 , 0 , 0] or [0, 0 , 255] . Hopefully it is still BGR that mean blue, green and red channel. Just to be clear and sure that anyone understand. You can change that order but for no reason