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My publications in Journals and Conference

Research results in vibration control, Time delay systems and control theory How force to follow through the Ph.D. thesis. This is my background.  Miles away from the images, video and machine learning. At the end, All is the same. Math, math is the connection and again Algebra, little bit optimization and math again. I was focus mainly to vibration control, modern control theory like H_inf optimization, MIMO systems and system with time delay. All started connected to project with Boeing ACFA 2020. Flexible crazy new construction that needs to upgrade the control law according to this new concept. Another crazy project was related to time delay, signal shapers, vibration control and resonators. Love it. Is this related to computer vision ? No, i felt with love with computer vision for many reason. You can see the result. You can achieve and build something by your own skills. You dont need to construct the machine to drive and test something and the computer vision

Binary Convolutional neural network by XNOR.AI

Binary Convolutional neural network by XNOR.AI Great idea to save memory and computation by different type number representation. Convolutional neural network are expensive for its memory needs, specific HW and computational power. This simple trick is able to bring this networks to less power devices..  Unique solution ? I am thinking about this. Let me know in comments how unique is this solution. In automotive industry on embedded HW solutions close to this one already exist.. In convolution layers is this unique, I guess.  In GPU there is different types of registers to be able calculate FLOAT16 faster than FLOAT32 bit representation. This basically brings something like represent Real 32 bits number as Binary number. This bring the 32x memory saving information. Say in other way, They are introduce approximation of     Y = W X        This could be input vector x multiply by w weight metrics for each  layer. W and X are real number. Float32 or Float 16. The appr

Intel just buy MobilEye

Intel invest in computer vision Intel more and more focus on computer vision technology, software and mainly related  hardware.  In past, Intel just bought itseez company which is mainly known for Opencv and other related computer vision activity. Now, intel acquire Mobileye, which is another step to go forward against competitors like Nvidia in future intelligent autonomous cars. History of Mobileye Since 1999 the Mobileye focus on vision-safety technology related to driving assistance like Advanced Driver Assistance System. ADAS. The approach is different and important for this acquisition.  When google try to build cheaper LIDAR sensor for autonomous vehicles, company like Mobileye believe that Mono vision camera is everything you need to understand the scene. Cheaper than Lidar and cheaper than stereo. Mono vision as a primary source of the information that can handle, traffic-sign, pedestrians, vehicles is key factor of success of this company.  This is little bit strang

Opencv Visual studio 2017 simple hack installation

Opencv in Visual studio 2017 This tutorial shows you how to use and install OPENCV 3 + in Visual Studio 2017. It is more hack than a proper install. Use Nuget packages in package console is a simple installation of opencv without setting of environmental variables and additional troubles with installation. All Visual Studio Versions needs its own build of Opencv library also the Nuget packages. VS 2012 needs a version of libs V110. If you match following pictures together you have my point.. VC12 libs is version for Visual studio 2013. VC14 is lib version for Visual Studio 2015. Finally, Visual Studio 2017 needs platform toolset and lib version V141. In opencv prebuild libs we need to wait to VC141. Hopefully. I never get the point of this naming convention. Visual studio year and V140 141 110 120 but.. The current release is more confusing than the others. Opencv library has prebuild versions in that location after install. If you want to VC141 libs you need t