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Opencv 3.3.0 released information

As a big fan of OPENCV 3.3.0 There is what is new! Some my notes about new released. Based on changelog and released notes. 
Deep neural network module is now accelerated with improved performance also moved into the main repository branch under opencv/modules/dnn. This moduleis also no more available in contrib branch. There was improved loading models from Troch and TensorFlow and many performance improvements. 
Support ofCaffe 1TensorFlowTorch/PyTorchInteresting is available layer types list  AbsVal AveragePooling BatchNormalization Concatenation Convolution (including dilated convolution) Crop Deconvolution, a.k.a. transposed convolution or full convolution DetectionOutput (SSD-specific layer) Dropout Eltwise (+, *, max) Flatten FullyConnected LRN LSTM MaxPooling MaxUnpooling MVN NormalizeBBox (SSD-specific layer) Padding Permute Power PReLU (including ChannelPReLU with channel-specific slopes) PriorBox (SSD-specific layer)

Review of machine learning course by Andrew Ng

Machine learning by Andrew Ng
I would like to summarize couple of thoughts about this famous coursera course. I just guess what you want to know. There is couple of facts important for me.
Facts aboutLink to course herePrice 75 dollars, not sure 11 weeks, 25 assignment from that 8 programming exercises in Matlab Octave.You need to pass all assignment to get CertificateNot a problem to finish in 5 weeks.Video lectures, PDF, discussion, Matlab Octave background materials, data sets, and much more, teachers to help you any timeAs a student, you focus on critical elements to really understand the machine learning. Not how to use and build model in TensorFlow like in some other course.. In Matlab, Octave you design and programming critical parts to be able understand how  machine learning works. Not python call of some black box. Real Math behind.. Again and again constructing different Cost function for different type of problems to be able to evaluate how good your model is.  Gradient d…