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Install Opencv in docker (ubuntu) build app in docker

How to run and build application based on Opencv in Docker container is purpose of this tutorial. The process described bellow is how to install Docker engine in windows machine, by command line download base Ubuntu image, install Opencv inside the container and commit changes to create own image to save your installation to add what ever opencv app you want to scale in Docker.. Cool ? No magic. Really
Install Docker in windows The important think is that windows running docker machine in Hyper-V virtual machine available under Windows 10. If you select this installation you can have troubles with Virtual Box no longer work after Hyper-V is set to enable.. There is option use also installation based on Oracle Virtual Box but i select easy install using the first options which is nicely integrated with Windows 10 and brings me advantage of docker development under ubuntu on windows machines.. 
For the installation just follow the step by step tutorial on first link for Hyper-V based in…