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Intel® computer vision SDK (Opencv, Opencx and more)

Intel computer vision SDK the results of itseez acquisition The Intel defined the future usage of processing power by many acquisitions in last two years. I already wrote about the itseez and movidius. The itseez is lost somewhere in the structures of the intel but results are obviously visible. The movidius continue under intel as more separated brand with latest usb stick for accelerating the deep neural networks for embedded and mobile phone. All this activities shape intel and also architecture of the processors, size of processors register, floating point  registers optimization, vector architectures and much smarter parallelism than ever before.   The Intel® CV SDK Basically is package of the product related to video processing, computer vision, machine learning and lots of optimization inside these packages done by Intel. The optimization also comes with better deployment for systems that combined many hardware like CPU, GPU and FPGA. The every devices has advantage

IP Camera ready for cloud, web and mobile 2017

IP camera in cloud, web and mobile comparison 2017 for home security and small business  Comparison of various ip cameras ready for cloud and mobile. I would mainly focus on evaluation of smart features presented by different ip camera producers. Price for smart features and storage recording from different company is big part of evaluation. In comparison against the fashioned brands, I would also talk about the traditional cameras and the adaption in the 2017 market.  Lets start. No watching the red roofs of beautiful Prague. Now we can start. NEST camera This cameras are ready 24/7 monitor in 1080 HD what ever you want. There are two main version. One outdoor with function listen and talk like in most electronic bells and one in indoor version. Nest is able to record up to 30 days in cloud, but also price is according to that plan higher. The camera is able to capture important moments and recap the day in just selected important events. The outdoor camera have 130 de