IP Camera ready for cloud, web and mobile 2017

IP camera in cloud, web and mobile comparison 2017 for home security and small business 

Comparison of various ip cameras ready for cloud and mobile. I would mainly focus on evaluation of smart features presented by different ip camera producers. Price for smart features and storage recording from different company is big part of evaluation. In comparison against the fashioned brands, I would also talk about the traditional cameras and the adaption in the 2017 market.  Lets start. No watching the red roofs of beautiful Prague. Now we can start.
cloud video storage

NEST camera

This cameras are ready 24/7 monitor in 1080 HD what ever you want. There are two main version. One outdoor with function listen and talk like in most electronic bells and one in indoor version. Nest is able to record up to 30 days in cloud, but also price is according to that plan higher. The camera is able to capture important moments and recap the day in just selected important events. The outdoor camera have 130 degree wide angle which is great from my perspective as well as 8x zoom to catch the details.  

Pricing for cloud and additional service is 10$/month for basic 10 day history, intelligent alerts and activity zones. The 30 day video history recording is charged by 30$ per month. From my perspective all the cameras of this types are useless without this subscription. You need to count with initial camera purchase and additional cloud storage service. Honestly, i do not know if there is some free storage, probably yes but be careful and check this.  Amazon Cloud Cam have for example 24 hours cloud storage for free and alerts. 

Amazon Cloud Cam

This is almost the same as in case on Nest. The 24/7 recording with smart events and recording. There is also included Two-way audio with build in microphones and speaker, intelligent alerts, person detection and night vision. The 24 hour storage is included free. There are no advanced functions, just notifications without people detection. The 7 day storage with all the Person detection, zones and alerting cost something like  7$ per month, 14 days 10$ and 20$ for 30 days cloud storage. It is obvious, the video in HD is large to save as well as transferred video through internet. 


Smart cameras by Foscam like C1 C2 and many others looks pretty much the same as cameras above.  There is much more cameras for home security and indoor purpose. The Foscam comes with cloud management and control of their cameras, where the video is available live and also recorded, depends on Cloud plan you pay.  The camera comes with motion detection, which basically separate background from foreground. The methods are usually very sensitive for light conditions but the cameras are senses by Passive infrared sensors to keep eyes on the objects and prevent the false alerts by changing light conditions. Be careful, not all the cameras have this sensors but C1 and C2 and mainly indoor cameras. Foscam cloud storage plans are 5$ per 7 day back recording and 12.99$ for 30 day of recording. 


More traditional company with great cameras. There is various indoor and outdoor cameras of all kind with various view points. Most of the cameras needs little bit complicated settings but not two much. Axis offers hosted services for mobile access and web management in flexible custom solution for small business. The axis have lots of applications build in inside the cameras. Motion detection, regions defenders and many others are build in basic firmware inside the camera web interface. There is also available various applications for your cameras like People counter, 3D people counter, Queue monitors, motions guard, cross line detection. All the apps could be connected to AXIS store report tool, which is WEB BI, dashboard that collecting the data from security cameras and create reports and dashboards mainly for retails and advertisement marketers. 


This home security wire-free camera records audio, video with night lightning features. No wire means that the camera running on battery for 2-3 months cycles in typical usage. WiFi tech sends 5-30 second video clips, not streaming. This is what confused me. Looks like there is no live stream access to the camera. Motions alerts that trigger messages and alarm are also included. This cameras looks more like snap stories recorder into, where clips are provided in mobile apps. Why not. Nobody have a time to check all day video back in time. But i want to be sure that all accidents are safely recorded for insurance purpose. Check more about this, if you have a plan to buy one. 

Other solutions cloud for cloud recording cameras

This will be part of the next post. Cloud storage and apps for different types of cameras. Smart boxes that connect your cameras into the cloud without to much effort. 


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