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Standard template library in modern C++ to simplify opencv development

The STL is way to simplify and speed up your development in any C++ program. Standard templates library contains powerful algorithm, a set of functions and many useful tools for any C++ developer. The components are algorithm, containers, functions and iterators. Algorithms and functions in STL work with containers of built-in type or your own custom containers. Containers in STL C++   Containers are the same as in case of the physical world. You can store the something in the container. In this case, containers simplify manipulation and storing of a different type of information. Every container in real life has a different way to organize an order of stored objects(data).  vector in C++ The popular one is a vector. This is a powerful container to store many pieces of information of one type. You can store vector<int>, vector<double> and vector of your custom type. No magic.The type that comes from opencv vector<Rect> can be stored by vector. Vecto