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trailer Testing opencv 4 Deep neural network module

trailer- Testing opencv 4 deep neural network I am working on tutorial and notes about DNN module. Step by step from installation to people detection like on video.  Here is DNN module with YOLO 2 tiny model apply on my stupid Charles Bridge sample. I take this sample while running over the Charles Bridge in Prague. See you soon with code, Tutorial and more ideas. 

People head detection code and performance of Opencv 4 compared to opencv 3.2

Opencv 4.0 is released, people head detection compared to opencv 3.2 I am working with opencv for almost a 6 years. It is 3.5 years since the 3.0. The journey driven by DNN, new ideas, algorithms and optimization is breathtaking.  Thanks to all contributors. Here is my point of view to opencv 4.0.  The video comparison of opencv 4 and 3.2 with head and shoulders detection performance at the end of the article with sample code.  opencv 4 - opencv 3.2 performace comparison Opencv 4.0 main changes C++11 is one of the main changes that will programmer realize at the first. This brings a lot of advantages to write safer and stable code. Smart pointers in C++11 and many features of the standard library helps to write code safer and with better performance. The reinventing the wheel is a weakness of all programmers. Better is know what is already available in various libraries and use it. The 30 years of sorting, algorithm and memory handling do not wait for application p

Build opencv 3.4 under windows 10 with contrib library, Git Source ,CMAKE ,Visual Studio 2017

Build opencv on windows (CMAKE, Visual studio 2017) How to build the opencv 3.4 library with contribution modules on windows. It is easy to make own build of opencv library. I will go step by step through this process supported by screenshot of concrete configuration in cmake and visual studio. Lets get started. I am doing my own Opencv builds almost yearly :). I did it last weak which mean: here is a tutorial. Better, easier to understand and follow than previous one. What we need to build opencv under windows What is cmake? It is an opensource tool that helps you to manage your build process. Configuration tool that manages for you some hard dependencies describe in CMakeList.txt configuration files and produces standard makefiles or in our case microsoft Visual Studio project. CMAKE -   The version what you are looking for is simple Latest Release or the release recommended by opencv. I will perform all the simple magic in Latest Releas