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Opencv 4 DNN module- People detection CPU performance with yolo tiny 2 model

Opencv 4 DNN, People detection CPU performance with yolo 2 tiny model I am still working on tutorial how to simply run yolo and others model in opencv 4. I try to do as simple as possible. Not like a general sample in Opencv. Differently, simply, and described as much as possible.  Some technical specifications video Testing opencv 4.0 DNN with yolo tiny 2 model on people detection in a mall. Pure CPU, I7 (4 cores), running by the following command under windows 10. Performance for CPU without 2 much optimization effort is 500 ms per image approximately on my configuration.  Let me know if there is some problem with the parameters.  testOpecv . exe  --config= C :\darknet-master\cfg\yolov2- tiny . cfg  --model= C :\darknet-master\weights\yolov2- tiny . weights  --classes= C :\opencv32\darknet-master\data\ coco . names  --width= 616  --height= 616  --scale= 0.00192  --rgb  Sources:  Thank you for a great job https: