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Compile opencv 4 with Cuda and GStreamer on windows

Compile OpenCV with Cuda is an easy task. All you need is the right HW from NVIDIA, drivers, and software. Additionally, the processed output video should be stream out from the OpenCV using the GStreamer. I am putting the GStreamer now as the standard option of my installation of OpenCV on the Windows machine.  Let's go through step by step compilation of OpenCV from source, including Cuda, Gstreamer, and contribution modules. It is just a small increment to my previous tutorial that focuses just on the GStreamer setting in the Windows CMAKE project.  This is a simplified version, verified on a different machine than the previous tutorials.  You can found some details in this tutorial Install Opencv Gstreamer on windows step by step .  Software prerequisites Install cuda, This is my version of network installer cuda_11.0.2_win10_network  Visual Studio 2019 community  Cmake 3.17.4  Opencv 4.4 Opencv_contrib Opencv Compilation in windows steps by step Extract or get through git open