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Opencv 4 C++ Tutorial simple Background Subtraction

Opencv tutorial C++ Background substractionThis method is used to learn what belongs to the background of the image and what belongs to the foreground. The static cameras that monitor the area can very easily recognize, what is part of the image that is always here or there is something that is new and moving over the background.  Background subtraction Visual studio 2019 project setupIf you have Opencv 4+ compiled or installed only steps you need to do is set the include directory with OpenCV header files. Set the Additional library Directories that point to \lib folder. Just note that Visual Studio 2019 should use VC16\lib. Finally, As additional dependencies, specify the libs used to resolve the function implementation in the code. The list for Opencv 420 is here. The different version of opencv is using different numbering for example opencv 440 will use opencv_core440.lib.  opencv_bgsegm420.lib opencv_core420.lib opencv_videoio420.lib opencv_imgproc420.lib opencv_highgui420.lib opencv_…